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Why Do I Do This To Myself!?!?!

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One thing that whacko modders like myself deal with is, to out do your last mod.


Right now I am trying to adjust the Pilot Height view in the F15. I think he is sitting way to low. This has been mentioned several times and I think so myself. I think I may be close.


I am also working on adjusting the camera views for the Mirrors. Meaning you can adjust them like in a car.


I may need some lab rats. If any of you folks are interested PM me your Emails, and I will send ya stuff to try.


If you will Excuse me now, I have to go see my shrink. Binary gives me the blues.

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Hey Greb


Kind of you to keep us up to date on what youre up to...

I think changing the seat height in the F15 (in a way not including cntrl-e) would really please a lot of ppl.

Making it possible to adjust the mirrors is icing on the cake... right before fluffy dice and all leather interior ;)


I hope there is some around here willing to help you out

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yeah, then fix them missiles! I don't think them Ruskiys could bare the though of amaam's plowing in to them SU-33s

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