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P2 Ram Question...

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I recently came into a couple old P2 computers by compaq. They seem to have most everything in them but no RAM. What kind of RAM did they take? pc-133?


I also noticed that Intel didnt bother to put the cpu speed anywhere on the cpu, or is it in code? I noticed some numbers on the side that look more like a stock number or something.


Man, the one computer is the heaviest case Ive ever lifted, even with most stuff inside gone. Compaq have special delivery gorillas to carry this leviathin into the house? :blink:

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probably PC100 or PC133 SDRAM.


If you have the Compaq model no. you should be able to put that into Crucial's memory selector & have it tell you what is needed.


I forget exactly the coding system for P2's but it should have markings & you should be able to Google them. Alternatively if you get it running the OS will tell you :)

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