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hi to all

sorry for poor lanf


how i can set a small nomber of tiles to terrain ?

israel terrain whid 8-10 tiles (photo texture) lat say 2 by 4

water is water north green/brown and deser deser mountens yelow


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I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way, but one of our terrain experts would be the better person to ask.



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There are 165 seperate tiles on the IsrealME map. Combined, they create the various terrain features. Without going into too much detail, the TE has a 'autotile' and 'autotransition' feature that more or less blends the matching tiles togethere (actually, usually LESS)


To duplicate the satellite image above, you'll need to repaint every single one to match. Even then, expect to do a LOT of hand placements.


I'm pretty sure there are a couple of replacement enhanced tilesets already in out downloads section.



kevin stein

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