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Gossy clear coat for all your planes

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A nice easy effect for the finish on your planes. I personaly like having a reflective glossy finish on my planes when the sun hits them just right. Considering the real planes had a gloss clear coat added to their finish, I think this is a historically accurate rendering. You'll see in a lot of WWI photos the finish on the planes is very shinny. Thats why a lot of the time one cant make out numbers or personal markings and such.


In every aircraft's skin folder(s) there is a TextureSet file. Open that file and you will see, at the bottom, three lines that say: Specular - Glossiness - Reflection.


Change their values to read this:






They probably don't have to be this high, but that's where I left them. It works well. It looks very cool to see an EA trying to pull up and away from your guns and have the sunlight reflect off of the wings and fuselage. Even planes going down in a spiral will flicker with sunlight reflections.







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Thanks good.gif



Your welcome. I didn't do much, just changed the numbers a bit. The effect was already there.


The only problem, that I should have mentioned above is, You have to do this for every skin for every aircraftshok.gif

A bit time consuming. You could just add it to the planes you like and the EA you see the most.

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