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Someone posted this site on another forum that I'm a member of. It's aerial views of sea life, etc, along the New England and Northeast coasts. Some of the shots are flat out amazing, including the attached image, of Bluefin Tuna swimming in "hunting" formation. Sights such as these, is the reason that I keep going back out "there":




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Thats quite something. Ive always been fascinated by how animals work together.

I was recently back home in Kerala and my father and I decided to take a hike through the Periyar forest. We came across an old bull Gaur, massive and majestic, easily at over a ton of glossy black muscle, standing absolutely still in the under brush, peering at us with his myopic eyes. The minutes flit by, we didn't dare move-he was only twenty yards away. Then suddenly he pawed the ground with his hoof, and the whole herd whose existence we were completely unaware of until that moment, burst into flight. There were atleast a hundred of them and it was an incredible sight. Only when the stragglers had made off did he swish his tail, and gallop away.Some sentinel that old bull.

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