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Wrench-some useful info

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Hope you spot this Wrench-I don't want to post this into your sticky post concerning prop fixes.


While researching radar frequencies for SF2 came across www.vectorsite.net/ttwiz.html - all sorts

of useful info concerning radar/rwr/ecm during WW2.

Probably key points to note:

Monica- rear facing radar, stopped being used when RAF discovered Luftwaffes "Flensburg" was homing on its


Boozer-passive RWR picking up Lichtenstein radar emissions, fitted to bombers

Serrate- passive device used on Mosquito NF's picking up Lichtenstein BC and SN2 radar, no mention of use on Beaufighters (probably replaced in forward roles by Mossies by time of introduction)

Naxos ZR-Luftwaffe passive RWR on NF's warning of centrimetric (later allied AI ) radar emissions

Also used were devices (by both sides) to home on their opponents IFF emissions (don't think this can be modelled though)


Hope this helps...


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Great info! Wish it was usable for 06 level games (however, it might be for SF2, if our birds ever get updated for 08+ patch levels...)


The Monica might be able to be simulated by used the EasyAviionic.ini; as that gives all radars a "gods eye view" of the full 360 degs around the aircraft (and is a MAJOR cheat, imo)


Since we don't have the indicator lights in the cockpit, (or a 'modern' rwr gauge*!), that's pretty much why I chose the 'audio only' type. At the very least, it DOES give some kind of warning. There's isn't any way to discriminate between AI or ground based radars. Or for that matter, between the varying AI radars!


But keep thinking 'out of the box'!!! We NEED that!!



kevin stein




*although, on certain cockpits, where node names are knowable, I'm certain I can sacrifice a gauge for a working RWR --but that's definatley NOT historical!

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