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Calling Wrench or other PropHead Flight Modders

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Kevin (or others),


I've been experimenting with some of the helicopters and prop planes using WOV with Patch 8.30.06, and noticing that both the choppers and the prop planes exhibit pitching problems, where they will jerk up slightly and then jerk back down, rinse and repeat. It makes flying these aircraft near impossible, as you feel you have absolutely no control over them. I double-checked this by triggering the autopilot to on, and the AI exhibits the exact same bobbing up and down effect described...any ideas on what causes this, and more importantly, what I can try to correct it? Thanks for any insight!



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Steve, I have absolutely NO idea!!! (now mind you, some years back someone complained about the slight bobbing around thats exhibitied by player and AI craft -this for jets- and some movement might be considered 'normal' turbulance responses)


Helicopters I can't speak to ... and I don't have but one or 2 installed, and never fly them.


In particular, WHICH aircraft are acting wildly??



kevin stein

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