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River tile allocation trouble?

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I've encountered this problem with the two Rhine river tiles in Vogesen terrain, BUT only during the summer season. Turning your head or approaching closer to the problem will cause other river tga patterns to flash in and out.


To trouble shoot I've started missions in all other seasons, and the Rhein is fine; it only appears in the summer.


I've taken other seasonal Rhine tiles (i.e. same file name) that DO WORK in their respective seasons and put them in the summer season folder, and still get this problem below.


As far as I can tell, it isn't the files themselves, but I'm at a loss to explain or resolve the problem.





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I had a similar problem when I was fiddling around with the transparency of the Rhine River tiles, trying to get them to match Stary's seasonal tiles. I used the Ultimate Paint(UP) utility, and when I set them to 0% transparency (255 Alpha in UP), I got just the effect you are describing. In the end I settled back to use the stock Vogesen FRRhine tiles (Gepard's originals?) included by your good self in the pack you uploaded in December last. They're not quite the right shade/intensity to fit with Stary's tiles, but are close enough - especially as most of the action takes place well to the west of the Rhine.



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Thanks Mike,


Perhaps the only set of Rhine tiles I did not try was Gepard's originals, then again I may have, but just don't remember since it seemed I tried everything I could think of.


To tell you the truth, I cannot say for certain whether I ever flew Vogesen in the summer before now. Since flying Vogesen means 'single mission', I usually fly in the winter to see the snow on the mountains...


back to the drawing board!

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