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  1. London Bridge Attack

    British Poles don’t always need Spitfires. Sometimes a narwhal tusk is enough* 😉 *forgive bias. When I went to RAFC Cranwell in 1976, Deputy Commandant Air Cdre Maisner was from Warsaw 🇬🇧🇵🇱🇵🇱🇬🇧. We had 16 Polish sqns during WW2, last RAF Polish veterans didn’t finally wash out until 1980s. **tragic though that 2 died. When will the bad guys learn that it doesn’t work, esp in Britain? cf Glasgow airport attack 2007, defeated by a baggage handler.
  2. Radio Control Dambusters

  3. Reichenberg II

    I believe that “theoretically” it wasn’t a suicide bomb, the official idea was that the pilot would set the thing on course to the target, release the canopy, then clamber out (no bang seat), and parachute down to safety (captivity?). However. Consider that it would be doing 350kt or more, look at that great big pulse jet right above and behind the cockpit, and imagine the chances of a successful bale out. Not perhaps a job for a chap seeking a long and successful career in the Luftwaffe. Mike
  4. Red Ten is the spare, it always goes with the team on overseas deployments. It also acts as a camera ship for occasions like this. But - what happened to the Blue Angels? Over here in NY we were told that it was going to be a combined Reds/Blues/Thunderbirds/F-35 flypast. Sadly I missed it anyway, was down at the Jersey shore, though I did see the Reds when they were over here about 10 years ago. Mike
  5. Just remember that the old Ark’s full air group was: 14 Buccs, 10 Phantoms, 4 Gannets, 8 Sea Kings, and 2 (plane guard) Wessex. At least that’s what she carried when I had the privilege to be on board back in 1978. Mike
  6. Russian bombers: 'Good morning, American pilots

    All this illustrates is the level of ignorance in modern society. Fifty-year-old Russian bombers make routine approach to US coastline, just like we do to theirs? Shock horror! It’s like the British press breathlessly announcing stuff like “the RAF intercepted 5-6 Russian planes approaching Britain last year”. During the Cold War we intercepted 2-3/week.. As for the quoted “greeting”? Just normal aircrew-aircrew banter, nothing more.
  7. The first 20-25 minutes brought back memories of Initial Officer Training there in 1976-77. The combat kit & the rifles were different, but the RAF Regiment SNCOs treated us with just the same fond loving care! The nephew of a friend of mine is at Cranwell right now, from all reports the initial stages are still the same.. :)) PS made me smile to see the same RAF issue _furniture_ in the cadets’ rooms, as we were still using 20 years later.
  8. Maybe Rumpler built upon the Fokker “stealth” Cellon covering experiment?
  9. Many Thanks Stephen! When you say the CIV is "previous", do you mean that you did it before, or is it something we can still look forward to please? Mike
  10. Thanks Eugene, But did I miss something? I wasn't aware Stephen1918 had done the Rumpler CI and CIV, where can I find them? (esp the latter). Cheers Mike
  11. F-4 Cockpit Revisited

    Back in the early Nineties there was a rumour that the fighter of the future would have two crew, a pilot and a dog. The pilot’s job would be to feed the dog. The dog’s job would be to bite the pilot if he touched anything.
  12. Caporetto Campaign

    Nice! What did you give Otto as his coat of arms?
  13. Thanks BM, Remind me please how the Userlist thing works? Mike
  14. Thanks Gunrunner, My next question, does China have to be the “primary” nation for an aircraft, or is it acceptable for China to be an “importee”? Because in messing around I’ve found I can make North Korea show up as an importee, but not the People’s Republic of China. Mike
  15. Well here's my root problem. I'm trying to fly missions as the "good guys" in the Himalayas terrain by Wrench & Maj Lee, with modern (ie post-1980) ac, with the following Himalaya_Nations.ini file: [Theater] TheaterName=Somewhere over Himalayas Location001=Nepal Location002=PRC [LimitedNationList] FriendlyNation001=USAF FriendlyNation002=USMC FriendlyNation003=RAF FriendlyNation007=Australia FriendlyNation008=Singapore EnemyNation001=China //EnemyNation002=Soviet Trouble is, the Chinese never show up. When I fly as the Chinese, though, I do meet the "Western" ac. How do I fix this please? Thanks Mike

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