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  1. Actually I’ve long considered exhaust smoke effects in WW2 sims to be a framerate-destroying, wholly inaccurate irrelevance, created by people seemingly unfamiliar with the real aeroplanes. Just look at any picture of an airborne Hurricane/Spitfire/Mosquito/Lancaster (is my RAF background showing here?) and observe the complete _absence_ of any smoke. Further, in relation to WW1 types, in my spare time in summer I volunteer as groundcrew at Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in New York State. Apart from an occasional brief burst of white smoke at startup as excess fuel is burnt off, none of our WW1 types trail any visible plumes of smoke either. For me then, these “exhaust smoke” effects as every bit as unrealistic as the “sun flare” effects also often offered by popular flightsims. Wherever possible therefore I always eliminate “exhaust smoke” from my WW1 & WW2 sims. Improves both realism and framerates. Now if one is talking about the “skidmarks in the sky” of Vietnam-era J79-powered Phantoms etc, then those are definitely realistic! In my own service I recall spotting types like Vulcans & Hercules from their smoke trails long before the actual ac was visible. Cheers Mike
  2. Bad old 80’s joke: ”Doctor! Doctor! I’ve got hermes!” ”Don’t you mean herpes?” ”No, I’m the carrier..”
  3. A few images from Red Flag in Jan 2018

    Fascinating pics, thanks. Made me quite nostalgic. When I was a young flt lt, my air movements team brought back the last Vulcan deployment to Red Flag in 1979. For the team, the high point of our deployment was that because of the big Red Flag exercise, all the base accommodation was full, and so was all of the local commercial accommodation. The Nellis base accommodation office ended up putting us in the nearest available empty rooms. The Dunes casino at the top of the strip in Las Vegas :)))) (that said, Service life being what it was/is, the next job was to Cambodia.. )
  4. Sir Douglas Bader...

    Actually Bader, though a very (very) brave man, was never popular within the RAF for his (verging on arrogance) extreme opinions. Many never forgave him for his role in undermining Dowding and Park, the victors of the Battle of Britain, in favour of Leigh-Mallory.
  5. Poor Bastards ... MRE Humor

    Old enough to remember British compo rations (MRE equivalent) with plum & apple jam, condensed milk in a tube (like toothpaste!), and with a separate hexamine tablet “stove”. The 24-hr one-man pack also had 3 pieces of toilet paper. Once lived on French-made MREs for a month. Lost almost 10lbs..
  6. Poor Bastards ... MRE Humor

    MRE = Meals Rejected by Everybody..

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