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  1. Happy 100th Birthday...

    Thanks also from me, I only served for 1/4 of the Service’s history but my goodness it went by so fast! BTW the only real manifestation of the new system for the chaps at the Front in 1918 was that they went from the Army system of being paid a month in advance, to the new Air Force system of being paid a month in arrears. in other words they effectively lost a month’s pay. In the middle of fighting the greatest German offensive of the war. God bless Whitehall..
  2. Ignore my message everyone. After much faffing around, uninstalling, reinstalling, patching, copying old pukka copies etc of both WOFF UE and TrackIR 5, suddenly it worked properly. No idea what was wrong in the first place but that doesn’t matter now. It works. Cheers Mike
  3. Hello All, I just got myself a new desktop, the old one was becoming flaky and unstable, and of course one of the first things I reinstalled (from CD) was WOFF UE. My problem is that TrackIR is not working with it. My WOFF UE version is 4.17, my TrackIR version is 5.4.2, and I am running Win10. TrackIR does work with all other progs. However with WOFF UE, I get the left-hand green light on the camera (the one that indicates that it's detected the headset), but not the right-hand green light (the one that indicates that TrackIR is working with the selected program). What am I doing wrong please? Thinks - should I have separately re-installed CFS3 before WOFF UE? Thanks Mike
  4. Ignore my last chaps. I had forgotten to install DirectX on the new machine. Dolt. Done that now, and already happily flying SE5a's, Bristol Fighters etc! Cheers Mike
  5. Hello All, My old desktop was becoming increasingly flaky and unreliable, so I eventually bit the bullet and got a new system. It's a Dell Alienware running under Windows 10, with an NVidia GTX 1070 graphics card. Of course, once it was set up with the basics, the first sim I copied across from the old machine was FE2. Trouble is, it won't run successfully. Something is happening in there though. When I select FE2, the screen goes blank, but the FE2 main screen theme does play. When I go into Task Manager, FE2 is showing. So my guess is that it is a graphics conflict. The "graphics" part of the Options.ini file reads: [GraphicsOptions] DisplayDeviceID=0 DisplayWidth=2560 DisplayHeight=1440 DisplayDepth=32 AspectRatio=1.777778 AntiAliasing=4 UseAdvancedShaders=1 ForceDX9=FALSE ForceVSyncOff=FALSE LensFlare=0 DetailLevel=2 ObjectDetail=2 ObjectTexture=2 CockpitTexture=2 CockpitMirrors=1 CockpitReflection=1 EffectsDetail=2 TerrainDetail=2 TerrainTexture=2 HorizonDistance=2 GroundObjectDensity=2 WaterDetail=2 CloudsDetail=2 Shadow=2 So, help please. Any suggestions anyone (BTW I've already tried running it with width & depth edited to lower values, no joy). Do I have to fiddle with some obscure settings to get FE2 to run with the Nvidia 1070? (BTW I get exactly the same problem with SF2). Thanks Mike
  6. Hasty Airfield

    Earlier review entered in error! My apologies to Krfrge..
  7. OK I admit this is probably a bit of fine-fine-tuning, but I've long noticed that when I fire up any of the SF2 variants, the default forward view seems to equate to the F1 key's "Front Cockpit View". But I prefer to fly with the "Wide Cockpit View" provided by the F2 key. I find it gives greater immersion and also greater situational awareness. This means that every time I start up, I have to immediately press F2 to get the view I want. Mildly annoying. So my question is this. What parameter do I have to change, to get the sim to start up already in the F2 "Wide Cockpit View" mode? Thanks Mike
  8. Dear Hauksbee, Permit me to dispute your characterisation of de Havilland lack of success in WW1. From the British perspective, the DH2 was the antidote to the 1915-16 "Fokker Scourge", even if it may have been inexcusably draughty (cf. JTB McCudden's "Flying Fury"). Also, I notice you don't mention the very successful DH4 and DH9A? ..mind you, you'll notice I don't mention the DH9.. ;) Cheers Mike A
  9. This is all very interesting, especially as it will allow the enhanced AG capabilities of ac like the F-4E as referred to by RL veterans like Ed Rasmussen. But I have a question. Is there a way to limit the CCIP graphic to appear only within the actual HUD? I'm finding that application of this mod has the CCIP wandering all over the instrument panel in a wholly unrealistic way.. Mike
  10. Hello All, Having recovered control last week of my PC from Win10's invidious "Creator Update", I've been trying to get FE2 working fully properly under the regular Win10. Previously while away from home for a while, I had got FE2 working really nicely on my Win7 laptop, with all of the additions, updates, tweaks and fine-tuning adopted/adapted from years of tinkering with my old FE1 configuration. When I got back I thought, perhaps simplistically, that all I would have to do is copy everything over to the desktop, press "go", and er, just go. Not quite so simple. Of course. However I've now got everything running nicely ​except​ for the special effects. Like many of us, I have quite a few of these in the Effects folder, for things like AircraftEngineDamageEffect, AircraftEngineFireEffect, AircraftFuelFireEffect, AircraftSmokeEffect, BalloonFireEffect and so on. I have tried including the EffectShaderNames (effectLightLevel.fx, effectFire.fx) in the special effect files, but with inconsistent effect. The funny thing is that while one of these now works - the BalloonFireEffect shows the descending parachute sprite - most don't - I'm not seeing any engine-damage smoke, no fuel fires, no flamers, in fact no aircraft fires or smoke at all! I'm aware from previous threads that under Win10, the special effects files and the ParticleSystem.ini file in the Flight folder seem to have a peculiar relationship. However the effects that I modified inside the ParticleSystem.ini file are​ working (I have long disabled the wholly unrealistic engine exhaust effects, WW1 aircraft didn't pour out smoke like steam trains), alongside at least one of the special effects, the afore-mentioned BalloonFireEffect. It's this lack of consistency that is frustrating me so much. So, any advice please? Thanks Mike
  11. Win10 Creator Update mucked up my desktop

    OK Chaps Problem solved. I think. First though, I found that the Win10 Creator Downgrade was worse than I'd feared. It had also totally mucked up my sound system, so that eg flying in SF2, I heard no sound facing straight ahead but heard left stereo if I "looked" left and vice versa. Also there were no wingmen's voices. Also the frame rate had been halved! So I went Nuclear. Found the method for rolling back to a previous build of Win10, set the ball rolling, then went to weed the garden. That last bit wasn't relevant to the process but it took my mind off things. When I came back in Lo! and Behold, everything seems back to normal. One final precaution, went into Control Panel and disabled auto-updates of Windows. Yes yes I am aware of the "risks", but on the one hand I face a hypothetical messing up of my system by viruses/malware from sources unknown, versus a 100% certainty of messing up of my system by "updates" from a source that is known only too well.. Cheers Mike PS there has been one side benefit to all this. The garden is looking pretty good now.
  12. Win10 Creator Update mucked up my desktop

    Thanks Migbuster But that doesn't solve my problem. Win10 CU hasn't wrecked my top-level desktop layout (thank goodness!). What it has done, is wreck the layouts within the task-specific folders on that desktop. The attached screenshot shows what I mean. I have a "Sims" folder, and embedded within that I have sub-folders for WW1 sims, WW2 sims, modern sims etc. Now I used to have all the shortcuts within those folders arranged for best convenience and efficiency. Now thanks to MS all of these shortcuts have been bulldozed into a rigid alphabetical auto-arrangement. There is no longer the order and structure that helps me run the program/utility I want quickly and efficiently. The ironic thing is that 25+ years ago one of MS' big selling points for its initial Windows incarnations, was that users could arrange their shortcuts on the desktop and within folders for their efficiency and convenience. I wonder where along the line the mighty corporation lost the plot, where it forgot that the client's needs always come first? And remember, I am only a casual, leisure user. Imagine the frustration for the serious professional (commercial.. ) clients! Mike
  13. Win10 Creator Update mucked up my desktop

    Migbuster, That was the very first check. Auto arrange remains "on" full time no matter whether one selects it "on" or "off". Mike
  14. Hello All A few days ago the Dear Leaders of Microsoft hijacked my PC and auto-installed Win10 Creator Update build 1703. When I go my machine back, I was horrified to find that my carefully-constructed desktop folders, with their icons grouped according to my usage-based preferences (eg in the WW1 Sims folder, first a line of FE2 variant icons, then icons for WOFF & related utilities, then a line of ROF icons & utilities, all set up in the order that I want. Which ain't vanilla alphabetical), had been replaced by a forced alphabetical auto-arrange system. What makes things worse, heinous even, is that there is now appears to be no way to cancel auto-arrange in Win10. Yes I know that Microborg has been forcing this auto-arrange system on us since Win7. Yes I also know of the previous Win10 regedit-ing workarounds to restore freedom and liberty* to users who want to organise their desktops their own way, not as dictated by the dark wizards of Seattle. (*Happy Fourth of July to our American friends BTW!) I was using such a workaround before this Creator Update downgrade.But now even those workarounds don't seem to work any more. And I can't even go back to a previous Restore Point, because the Seattle Gauleiters have thought of everything in their cunning plan for Global Hegemony. The Win10 Creator Update has deleted all my old Restore Points. Now, the oldest available Restore Point is _after_ this new flexibility-reducing update. You may gather from the foregoing that I'm more than a bit miffed by all this. Indeed, before embarking on a (so far fruitless) attempt to fix things, I found myself cursing with words that I didn't even know that I knew. So I'll end this wee rant here with an invitation to everyone else to post their thoughts on this subject. Especially welcome would be proposals for practical solutions! Thanks Mike

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