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AIM-9J or AIM9G for the Aggressor F-5E?

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Hi Guys!

My question is probably merely theoretical... however...


Right now I'm having fun flying the F-5E in the Navy Aggressor liveries of the VF-43 and VFC-13 and chasing some red star form the sky. As I like to have a realistic Loadout.ini file for this bird, I am wondering:


- did the Navy F-5E aggressors use the Air Force AIM-9J Sidewinder (for launch rail compatibility sake) or rather the own Navy's AIM-9G?


Everyone's opinion is welcome.




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As far as I know (not sayin' I know a whole lot...), but all sidewinders fit on any rail, no USAF/USN differences (maybe with the -9x these days, not sure). Here's a link for more info :AIM-9 Info:

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For what I read (good old fashioned book reading :grin: ) there was some incompatibility issues.

You're right in saying the missile fits on any rail, but there were differences in wiring and coolant supply between the AIM-9B/E/J and the AIM-9D/G that made the two versions incompatible.

Back then in the Vietnam War some USAF Generals really had loved to use the Navy's AIM-9D, but they found out it was technically impossible. So they had to stick to the AIM-4D 'till they developed the -9E, which nevertheless was still worse than the -9D.

The -9D in fact still had better proximity fuse and better booster rocket.


Nevertheless I'm also not pretending I know a lot... that's why I ask here. :good:

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