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So There I Was. . .

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on CAP near Jerusalem in my Mirage III lookin for cannon fodder (I was feelin pretty good after downing 5 Hunters on the previous mission). I spotted a MIG17 and wound up in a turning fight (bad idea). I was riding the afterburner pretty hard and using way too much fuel. In my desperation to kill this guy I resorted to head-on passes, the second pass left me winchester with about 200 pounds left. I turned toward the closest friendly field, fortunately the MIG17 also bugged out but a Hunter latched on to my six. After jinking to set myself up for a turn to final, something hit me and put me out of control and on fire. Dam u Hunter! I punched out and survived (don't know how, didn't even get written up as shot down). My flight of 4 only got 1 kill, I lost 2, 1 damaged. Six missions down and the six day war goes on.

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