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Lothar of the Hill People

Wanted: Alpha Testers

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Hello, all. I'm slowly working on some software tools to improve the OFF Campaign experience and am in need of a few brave souls to test my mods before making more general releases.


Any volunteers? I'm looking for people who have some experience with the internals of OFF--editing configuration and pilot files, backing up and restoring campaign data for an OFF reinstall, that kind of thing.


As always, there are risks with testing software, potentially requiring OFF reinstalls if things go awry, but there will be benefits as well. You'll help shape the features and functionality of the software, as well as get to use it before anyone else. Folks who especially enjoy long-term campaigns across multiple pilots and immersive realism (DiD) are especially encouraged to volunteer.


The first thing you'll test is a program with a simple graphical interface that analyzes your OFF Manager and CFS3 settings and automatically configures your play for Siggi's OFF DiD Standard. Future versions will support multiple, selectable (and shareable) configuration profiles, making switching back and forth between play styles a breeze, as well as setting things up simply for OFF newbies.


The additional tools I have planned are a secret, whispered only to Alpha Testers. If you're interested, please reply to this post with the following information:


OFF Forum Name:

Operating System:

Service Pack:


OFF Installation Dir:


For example, here's me:


OFF Forum Name: Lothar of the Hill People

Operating System: Windows 7

Service Pack: 0

32-bit/64-bit: 64-bit

OFF Installation Dir: S:\Games\OverFlandersFields\CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields


Thanks. If you're selected I'll private-message you with more information.

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