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  8. Sound Mod Update 3.3

    Hey guys, finally back online. My move was a bit of a mess, didn't get my stuff for a looooong time. I'll try to get out a little update for Andy's latest sound mod soon. In the meantime, the easiest way to use it with OFFice/OFFbase is to choose "Stock Sounds" on the OFFramp "Music & Sound" page, and activate Andy's 3.3 manually in JSGME. In the status bar, it'll say "Andy73's Sounds deactivated so you can restore the stock OFF sounds or use an unsupported sound mod." In this case, the unsupported sound mod is Andy's 3.3 version. Same thing to use his new music mod. Andy, for OFFice should this be built on top of your existing mod (so it includes all the other engine sounds, not just the new Fokker)?
  9. Hey folks, version 1.1.1 of OFFice, OFFbase, and OFFworld is now available for download at the official website and Combat Ace. Here's the change-log: Injured pilots can access their journals and read their squadron's daily status reports from in the infirmary. Counts missions flown by your AI squadmates, reporting the tally in the Duty Room. Reduced frequency of Congressional Medal of Honor being awarded in American campaigns. Adjusted Goodwill scaling so missions are relatively more important. Optional Goudy Bookletter 1911 for American campaigns and Croissant One font for French campaigns, while clarity of the German Behrensschrift and British Railway Sans have been improved. Fixed bugs transferring between squadrons, handling gunner/observers in multiplayer squadrons, encounter partner selection, and elsewhere. Some edits to encounters and internal code refactoring as well. If you're interested in membership in OFFworld, the kick-ass multiplayer version, send me a PM.
  10. OFFice/OFFbase/OFFworld 1.1.0 now available!

    CFS3 is from a weird time in Microsoft history: doesn't use the system registry and config is stored in XML files. Not the ideal solution, as for example it has the habit of deleting the CFS3Config XML file when you update your graphics driver (use my OFFset program to backup and restore your settings!). But it does mean it's easy to have multiple copies of CFS3 installed (OFF takes advantage of this as it installs its own copy). Thus you should have no trouble installing and playing CFS3 and add-ons such as "Fire Power" elsewhere on your drive. Only reason I appreciate OFF using the system registry is I can look up the location it's installed on your machine in order to install my mods in the right directory automatically.
  11. OFFice/OFFbase/OFFworld 1.1.0 now available!

    Shared registry entries is what would prevent OFF and WOFF from both working on the same machine (just like P2 vs P3). But since OFFice fully controls these registry entries through its OFFset settings manager, it shouldn't be difficult to make OFF+OFFice/OFFbase/OFFworld coexist on the same machine as WOFF, provided you install WOFF in a separate folder. Then you'd be able to play either, or both, while I transition my software to support WOFF as well. So no worries!

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