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Good lord - my SA blows bigtime...

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Clearly it's time for me to get a TrackIR! I can't keep enemy AC in sight for nothing. Not too much problem with other sims but with OFF...geesh...maybe because I am not use to the CFS3 view commands.


1) Money is not an issue. Is TrackIR 5 better then version 4? I only know about the 4 and 5 versions from reading posts here and elsewhere.


2) Is there only one place to purchase, i.e., the manufacturer or do some wholesalers have them cheaper?


3) I take it OFF and Track IR get along just fine?


4) Finally...and perhaps this part should go to the Help forum but: Do all the view/targeting commands in the menu that are displayed when assigning controls actually work?

I have keys/buttons assigned but not all seem to work. Or I am doing something wrong.



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1) Yes, smoother. 2) No idea 'bout America 3) Yep!


4) It all works, when you do the right things, so please explain, what doesn't work for you.

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Because the sim is a game on a 2d screen, it can be difficult to notice aircraft at distance. What I tend to do look more slowly scanning an area. There's a temptation to do a quick scan with your eyes. This works in real life better than the screen because on the screen 3 dimensions are crammed into 2 and things can sometimes blend together. Work slowly across the area with your eyes, searching more for movement than for colors (many of nature's great predators are partly color blind, but in fact have excellent sight for movement rather than color). Work slowly across the area with a sweep looking for a small dot moving around or changing position. It helps.

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