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Some Word On The Upcoming Patch

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Thought you'd like to know, hehe. ;)






2 questions...

1.) Is that B-25 flyable?

2.) Does its loadout include parachute fragmentation bombs like

they used against the Japs in the Pacific? Ill make a "Kennys'

Air Force" campaign.

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Oh man! Ima have me some fun with those pricks in their Ki-84's now.


Oh yeah, the real hot rod's gonna be added. (below screen) Some peeps in that thread were saying that that particular spit, wasnt that good below 20000 ft. Well I doubt that it will be a total dog, needless to say... I CANT WAIT FOR DESERT FIGHTERS!


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Not 100% certain, but the B-25 will not be made flyable until the launch of Pacific Fighters is what I've read, but it's just speculation on my part. Haven't seen it listed anywhere as of yet as a flyable. So much for hoping......

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