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Punkbuster Get An Overhaul

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gotta love sims that use this service!!


PunksBusted.com The internet's largest anticheat and most popular, PunkBuster© support web site, has officially gone live with the new Auto-Master Ban List System (Auto-MBL or just AMBL), for game server administrators. This is a fully automated, secure, realtime spooling of the PunkBuster logs directly from your server to the master database. It stops cheaters in their tracks across a large number of game servers.


What Does this mean?


1) Cheaters detected by PunkBuster software from all of our admin member servers, are collected, sorted and updated to the Master Ban List (MBL) automatically.

2) Your server's ban list is automatically updated and kept current with our automated download feature at a time and period of your choosing. A cheater caught today will not be playing within hours on all servers using the MBL, Period!

3) The AMBL FTP updating software is available for both Windows and Linux-based servers. (Or update manually, if the auto-updating feature is not possible with your server operation directly).

4) Screen shot MD5 checksums and timestamp are automatically stored in our repository, so that there will never again be a doubt as to the authenticity of a PB screen shot. It eliminates accusations of fake screen shots. PunksBusted?s repository will verify it?s integrity without question.


Any admin is free to manually retrieve the MBL from the Punksbusted web site.


All server admins and leagues are encouraged to use the MBL, whether they are contributing members or not.


Here is the link at PunksBusted to read more information about this major step forward. Please take some time and explore the Web site, to see the assistance we offer admins to keep your servers running smoothly with PunkBuster and as cheat free as possible.


AMBL system:

PunksBusted AMBL System


Games PunksBusted supports to date:

Quake3, Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Soldier Of Fortune II, America?s Army, Enemy Territory, Raven Shield, Battlefield1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Far Cry, Splinter Cell Pandora.

Call Of Duty, accepting members now. Active upon PB release date.


A spokesperson from PunksBusted talks a little about this new system and PunksBusted.


Tony Ray of Even Balance, recently included the ability of the flagship product Punkbuster, to stream the PB logs to a remote server location. This streaming repository system, is a new and very powerful tool to curb online cheaters.


A dedicated team on the staff at PunksBusted has been working hard from the beginning, with Even Balance, preparing this new feature. They have now completed and tested the Master Repository server backend and updating software portion to compliment it. This new system offers a secure accurate method of keeping cheaters out of your servers, by combining your log output with many hundreds and soon to be thousands of game servers all over the world specifically for the game(s) you run on your servers.


It allows the PunksBusted Repository server, to collect the PB cheat detections in real time, as they happen, from all servers that sign on with us. Within hours, the cheater won?t be playing on any server using the Auto-MBL. All it takes is a registered, contributing admin account with us and few lines added to your pbsvlog.cfg to contribute.


To take full advantage of the system, a specialized program was developed for your game server to ftp download from the MBL directly to your servers ban list, at pre-scheduled times that you choose.


As an alternative, you don?t have to be a contributing admin member to copy and use the MBL manually from our web site. However the web based MBL will be days old as compared the hourly updated AMBL system. We encourage server admins to join the already growing list of 600 strong registered admin members and over 5,600 regular members on our site. All server admins are offered the MBL as a free service to the gaming communities that use Even Balance?s ground breaking PunkBuster software. I encourage you to join and stop the punks that ruin the games we play and that abuse the privilege of being on your server. The server that you admin with your sweat, money and contributes to online gaming.


PunksBusted.com is a free, not-for-profit service for the Punkbuster supported gaming communities. It is entirely run by a team of hard working, talented game server administrators, programmers, an extremely generous internet service provider and a game server rental company. All are very dedicated and freely put in their time, money and resources to this community operation. They do this because of what PunksBusted represents for the online gaming communities. To show publically there are repercussions for cheating and to assist game admins with the day-to-day operation of their servers.

There are hundreds of member admins from all over the world that contribute for the love of online gaming and it is appreciated


Legal, Copyright and Thanks.


AMBL System is the brainchild of the staff and admins at PunksBusted.

AMBL System servers provided by BigQEd and is hosted by FragHaus.

AMBL System is based on The Repository ©2003-2004 Evenbalance Inc.

AMBL System back end was written by RTW-Buu and is ©2004RTW-Buu.

AMBL System front end was written by orangepeel and is ©2004 orangepeels.

AMBL System © 2004 PunksBusted Manual written by orangepeel.



Thanks to the testers of the AMBL system. A special thanks to our chief tester Johnnie without who's help and suggestions the system would still be 'in development'.


Special appreciation goes out to ClanWarz.net that provides the very high quality game servers for Punksbusted friends to frag on.


And to the cheaters who helped populate our ban lists. Will you guys ever learn?"


this is a good tool to stop online cheating

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THis is excellent news today and for the future of online gaming. A MBL is a great tool that was in thought long before PB. I've noted several squads creating a "league" that would share information about cheaters. Their MBL would be shared amongst league members..much similar to PB's AMBL....except manually updated and sometimes days old.


Automation is the only way to go....




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