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As some of you may have noticed, I was absolutely unhappy about the fact,

that our "absolutely personal skins" where only given to me for the price of

loosing the fuel management. Had I known that, I would not have asked for

the personal skin, as the fuel management on a craft like the Albatros makes

the difference between a mediocre and a bad fighter.


Others noticed changes in the AI behaviour. It seems, that the interactions in

the sim are very complex and not always foreseeable.

You change THIS, and suddenly THAT behaves different, too.


Building up on a sim, adding more and more to it, must be a complex change

in an immense cosmos of things you cannot always see.

But I have the trust in the dev team, that they will care for all these things,

and will see how they can improve, fix or reset them.

It may take some patching, but if it comes out as great as we all experienced

after the last Superpatch + 32g patch, it will be truely worth all struggling.


As we are all pretty grown up, I think we will come up with rather constructive

criticism, and no bashing in any form.


Take the time to look into the problems, devs - I have strong trust in you.

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It surely is an eye-opener into the complexities of coding, almost as if there is some kind of string-theory principle of chaos at work. :grin:

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CFS3. Need I say more?


But seriously, I have great trust in the devs of this great sim. They've already overcome so many problems that there's no reason to believe they couldn't fix the current batch of problems lurking in the code.


Our opinions may sometimes sound heated, because we are very passionate about OFF. We wouldn't grumble so much if we didn't care. :grin:

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That last line was exactly what I thought this morn,

about my boiling emotions - I wouldn't feel that, if it didn't matter to me.

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