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SAM Simulator

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hey, methinks this is a good way to learn something about our usual enemies... the more we know, the better. Know your enemy as yourself and all that...


I did always wonder what the guys at the SAM site have to go through to shoot a fire-farting telephone pole of fear at us.

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From what I've gathered, these guys were alot of conscripted college students and, like our ground pounders, never wanted to be there.


I assume the high-slow target would be U-2 or RB-57. This looks really interesting. Downloaded it but not looked at it yet.


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Just found this, new as of summer 2009. Hercules simulator.


~> http://ed-thelen.org/NikeSimulation.html

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I got to "play" with a SA-6 Straight Flush radar during a visit to the Polygon EW range near Ramstein a few years ago. And I'm one day away from graduating from the Combat Aircrew Tactics Studies (CATS) course in St. Joseph, Mo. I'm definately going to download this, since I just spent the last couple of weeks learning about our threats.


Thanks for the link.



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