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F9F Panther, VMF-311, Korea

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F9F Panther, VMF-311, Korea

F9F-2/2B/5 Panther, VMF-311, Korean War Era skin 12/11/09


=For SF/SFG/WoV/WoE and probably for SF2 series sims


This package is an upgrage/replacement skin and decal set for the VMF-311 skin that comes with Pasko's original F9F-5 Panther release package.


The skin repesents VMF-311 flying in Korea. What has been done, basiclly, is simply create all new decals for Modex, BuNum/manufacturers ID/Service call out, and other items. The skin bmps themselves ARE still the same ones as issued with the release package from 2004. You'll have numbers, etc for 24 aircraft. Also included, is a 'clean-Nose.bmp', as historical, photographic evidence points to only ONE aircraft having the face painted on (Personally, I LIKE the face!). Instructions on how to switch to the clean nose are below in the "To Install" section.

It should be noted at this time, my researches have shown a more-or-less mixed bag of models as used by 311; so the BuNums/ID tag reflects this -- some will be labeled F9F-2B, some as F9F-5. Rest assured, the BuNums ARE correct for the models indicated (other than the 2/2B having a shorter tail fin). I can, unfortunatly, only claim 100% accuracy for modex #s 2, 6, and 16, as these can be clearly seen in photos in the sources listed below. The rest should be considered as 'filler'.


As always, unzip this archive to a temp folder or your desktop, or somewhere else that's easy to find, to gain access to the rest of this readme, for full, simple-to-follow (for once!) instructions.


Happy Hunting!


Kevin Stein


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