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3 more new releases at my site...

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I've been VERY busy, trying to complete some mods that have been languishing for several years ... what with running back and forth to the hospital checking on my mother (she's getting better, thank you to all who've inquired! Bless you all!!), it's been very difficult to remain focused. Did this mostly to keep my mind occupied, and to try and shovel these out the door before Year's End. Then, I can get back to concentrating of terrains!


So... here's what new:




We have, a reskin/ini mods of the DAT IL-2 to a 'stand-in' for the NKPAF IL-10 (as we don't have the IL-10 .. this WILL have to suffice until such time as there is)


The E-49C AEW/AWAC tagged for the 552 ACW. It would be flying in the "What If..." worlds at the same time as their EC-121s


Finally, the Boeing PB-1W Navy Fortress, also another AEW aircraft, marked for VW-1 during the Korean War when deployed to Japan and Points Closer to The Front.


The Wing-AWAC and Shtomo, as per DAT rules do NOT have the aircraft LODs in their package; you MUST have the original B-49 and IL-2 to copy them from


However, special permission was graned to include the special LOD I'd had Capun create 2+ years ago for the PB-1W, so it's a complete aircraft. Actualy, the other 2, with the exception of the LOD ARE also complete in all other respects (cockpit, and the rest)


Now available at my site. Link in the image, and also down below in signature


Happy Landings!


kevin stein

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To repeat ... it's NOT an IL-10; it's just the standard or garden variety IL-2 with an NK star glued on it standing in for the IL-10, until we get a real one.


I wish it was an IL-10, be more historically accurate! But like I said in the readme, at least it give the NKs SOMETHING else to use (even if not quite right)


Capun is going to post them on the DAT site, with the LODs added back, so the 'full' version will be availabe in very near future



kevin stein

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