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Nick Tselepides

Help Needed

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:huh: I am looking for a game with WWII tank battles and armour battles which is generally historically correct, is not merely a strategy game, and in which I can place units and control them, make missions maybe, and perhaps have views from a turret as a tank commander or from the gunner's or driver's position in the tank. I am mainly interested in the Desert War--Rommel vs. 8th Army. Is there anything that has these things that you can suggest?

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Panzer Commander was a WW2 tank sim. I played it a LOT for quite awhile. You usually controlled a platoon of tanks to a somewhat limited degree, telling them formation, FIRE!, halt, cease fire, etc. There are a LOT of desert combat scenarios for this sim. The main ultimation website is here...http://www.ultimation.com/panzer.htm


Another probably far better game from what I hear though I havent tried it is PANZER ELITE.


A great tank website that has ALL the tank links you need is www.tanksim.com/.


Good luck and let us know what you find thats cool. Id load up and play Panzer Commander again if there was someone to play it with.

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