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Typhoon, Old and New

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I have the RAF Typhoon mk.1b (WWII) installed in wings over europe. Today I downloaded the EF-2000 Typhoon to add to the game. However each aircraft folder is called Typhoon, and all the ini files in each are called typhoon as well. When I tried to add the EF-2000 to the game it asked me if I wanted to merge and replace the WWII Typhoon with the EF-2000 since they are both called the exact same thing. I tried renaming the WWII aircraft but then it wouldn't show up in the game. Is there any possible way to have both aircraft in one install?



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Guest rscsjsuso5

don't know whats going on but make sure example the su 27 flanker


for aircraft1

folder name = su271

then =su271.ini

then go to su271.ini and make sure aircraft name is su271



for aircraft 2

folder name = su272

then =su272.ini

then go to su272.ini and make sure aircraft name is su272



with this example you will need to tweak your skins decal if necessary also maybe your cockpit too


enjoy and merry xmas

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Why would you want to mix aircraft 60+ years apart, should be the first question...hence the reason for seperate WW2 installs.



How about doing it the super easy way???


Leave your WW2 Tiffy AS Typhoon; folder, internal inis and all

For the WW2 versions, iirc, should have this for you in-game name display:


AircraftFullName=Typhoon Mk IB


That's exactly what it is, so leave it alone


for the NEW modern one, rename the folder to EF2K. Now, you'll need to rename the main ini also to EF2K (that's how the game works -- all names must match or the object/vehicle/terrain etc disappears)


and, again iirc, your in game name should be:


AircraftFullName=EF-2000 Typhoon


Quite obviously two completly different names.


Once the folder/main ini is renamed, you shouldn't have any problems. However, you WILL have to rename the folder pointers in the pathways in the decal inis for any skins that came with it or that you may add later. That's done with a super simple Find/Replace in notepad



kevin stein

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