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2.1 May Not Be Released

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April Written by [sFB]Gustav, 17.04.2004 at 01:28.As you already found out there is no real SitRep out today(yet), but [DEV]Kermit was talking about the devoloping cycle in a forum post and he gave some barely information about 2.1.




So, the bottom line is that a high frequency of betas means that we think we are getting closer to a stable version.


Now, before you all get excited about 2.1.0, I have to remind you we often treat our E3 build as complete version cycle, even if that build isn't actually going out the public. Remember version 1.8.0? Not unless you were at E3, since we didn't release that version to the public.


Right now we are indeed nearing the end of the version cycle for our E3 build. But I can't make any promises right now that the public release of 2.1.0 will come before E3 (Mid-May), or even that the version we are working on right now will be a public release. I'm not saying those things won't happen, I'm just saying that the decision is not mine


someone posted it in Gamer.co.il

he took it from the tracker site

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He's just saying that the decision to WHEN 2.1 comes out is not his or the Devs decision to make.


2.1 will come out, but only the DA (department of the Army)knows when.

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E3 is soon coming ...

maybe instead of 2.1 they will release 2.2 ?(after they finish with when they finish..)

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