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  1. https://i-hls.com/archives/98856
  2. IT"S TIME TO MOVE! https://www.foxnews.com/politics/alabama-lawmaker-introduces-vasectomy-bill-in-response-to-abortion-ban? HAHAHA, what is this nonsense!!
  3. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/flaviosouza2_nowyouknow-ugcPost-6625296457987649536-y_-v interesting video
  4. After rough weather in Israel, a few hardened aircraft shelters were flooded and the here's the result The airbase already back to operational capacity after most of the aircraft were fixed after sustaining minor damages...
  5. Civilian Airliners and SAM Defenses Discussion.

    Best to install anti-missile defense systems, like the Israeli passenger jets have!
  6. Iran strikes US bases in Iraq.

    I wasn't talking about the $150B... I was talking about the $400M that Obama gave, in cash https://edition.cnn.com/2016/08/03/politics/us-sends-plane-iran-400-million-cash/index.html
  7. source: https://i-hls.com/archives/98014
  8. Ukraine Airlines crashed in Iran

    It seems to be misfortune accident..
  9. Iran strikes US bases in Iraq.

    Are you sure about that last part? Obama's money given to the Iranian regime probably paid for the ballistic missiles fired at US bases in Iraq or some of the more recent aggression performed by them or their proxies..
  10. Iran strikes US bases in Iraq.

    My 2 cents, Iran just wanted to show its dominance in the region, in reality.. they don't have the ability to really strike the US and its allies other than ballistic missiles (what else? their Tomcats and Phantoms barely work..) So they provoke the US but they don't really want to go into a conflict, that's why they have so many proxies doing their dirty work I also believe Russia & China won't interfere directly if things do escalate... they have nothing to gain or profit from I think this round is over, Iran will continue using its proxies to wreak havoc in the region Eventually, I feel sorry for the people of Iran, since the days of the Shah, they lost their freedom to lunatics who run the country... I hope this will change soon.. perhaps I'll have the opportunity to visit the place my father was born and where my grandparents used to live before they came to Israel BTW, got this article from Google suggestions https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/f-22-raptor-snuck-right-underneath-iranian-fighter-jet-111011 hahahahaha
  11. One day in the air

    https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2336608019777134 Worth watching 😉
  12. Happy New Year

    Happy new year!
  13. Next time they should obliterate them out of this world... otherwise the Iranians will keep pushing the limits
  14. The 3 BEST Stories You've Ever Read

    I haven't read anything special since I was a kid... now I only read babies books, not sure if that's what you're looking for hahaha 🤣😂🤣
  15. How was your week so far?

    Happy New Year man!
  16. How was your week so far?

    But it's okay, we started this sh*t this time, at least no casualties on our side and hopefully it will stay that way...! A cease fire should be in effect but was broken by 5 more rocket launched to Israel.. what we often hear as a 'miss fire'
  17. How was your week so far?

    You can't see any change but we do see it 5-10-20 years ago, no Arab/Muslim country would have wished a happy holiday to the Jewish community so openly.. https://twitter.com/UAEEmbassyUK/status/1208702231777873920 I saw other articles showing how we're getting closer to that wishful change! hope to see more of it in the future
  18. Top Gun 2 Trailer 2

    He wanted to drive the Hornet alone.. but I'm guessing the navy didn't approve hahaha
  19. Top Gun 2 Trailer 2

    Nope.. but with the proper modifications, probably yes..
  20. Top Gun 2 Trailer 2

    Me likey!
  21. I think it was already published here (this specific video...) but it's a great system!
  22. Plane HUB

    Don't kill the messenger 😛
  23. Plane HUB

  24. London Bridge Attack

    This is why we need (in every country) more law abiding citizens carrying guns.. in Israel we have the same problem and usually ends up with civilians or military/police personnel shooting the terrorist or take him down.. I was in London during the previous attacks (back in 2017) and I was shocked to learn that some British cops don't carry a gun!! that's ridiculous!

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