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Fc 1.02 List Of Fixes

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Ubisoft Community Manager

  posted Wed April 28 2004 11:48 AM 

Below is some infromation about the next Far Cry patch, which you all have been very patiently waiting for.


Before I list the changes, I wanted to include a few caveats. For one, please keep in mind that the following list of changes is subject to change. This is not necessarily the final list -- some new fixes may end up being included, and some changes listed may not end up in the patch. However, since I believe you all would prefer *some* information to *none*, I am posting this tentative list. The second caveat is that the release date is not final. The patch is going into testing now, and if all goes well, it will be released soon. As soon as I get more infromation, I'll be sure to post it.


That said, here is the list of changes in Patch v1.2!


Patch 2 (v1.2) change log


Gameplay changes



Made the run speed about 15% faster


Made sprint last 30% longer


Adjusted damage to vehicles


Vehicles now survive longer in multiplayer and behave consistently between weapon damage types


Bullet damage can be disabled by "g_vehicleBulletDamage" cvar: 0 = no bullet damage (default), 1 = bullet damage; this works only in MP.


MP vehicles can get the same damage from every kind of bullet (no distinction between sniper rifle and the deagle), this value is set by 'dmgBulletMP' variable inside 'DamageParams' table of the vehicle.


Buggy, humvee and gunboat can be destroyed with one rocket.


Bigtruck can be destroyed with three rockets.


Buggy and gunboat can be destroyed with 100 bullets (if g_vehicleBulletDamage = 1)


Humvee can be destroyed with 150 bullets (if g_vehicleBulletDamage = 1)


Bigtruck can be destroyed with 500 bullets (if g_vehicleBulletDamage = 1)




Bug fixes



Investigated a number of serious issues with headshot detection


Various network improvements


Vehicle damage code cleaned and made more consistent for modders


Fixed some issues with ladder animations appearing odd to other players


Fixed a number of ladder related bugs


Added better quicksave state saving for single player (corrected around 100 bugs)


Fixed bug where players name tag didn't show up in multiplayer


Fixed bug where console would accept letters as variable states


Fixed error with warning message in connection dialogue


Fixed issue with connection dialogue error message


Fixed incorrect HUD message


Fixed server shutdown dialogue error message


Fixed a number of issues with the server listing not displaying correctly (greyed out)


Fixed UI bug that caused cancel button not to work


Fixed issue causing server create sessions not to be saved


Fixed issue with Radeon 9600 rendering issue


Fixed Punkbuster crash when switching from punkbuster online server to hosting LAN server


Fixed issue with punkbuster icon not showing up in the server listing


Fixed random crash relating to punkbuster server listing info


Fixed issue with punkbuster refusing connection to a server that is destroyed and then re-hosted


Fixed a number of crash problems related to punkbuster server creation with non-dedicated servers


Fixed issue with punkbuster enabled in multiple server profiles


Disabled e_vegetation_min_size in multiplayer (used as cheat)


Added optimizations for character effects including invulnerability shader


Added optimizations for scoreboard performance. Scoreboard no longer updates fields that have not changed


Fixed issue where radar would not be drawn correctly with certain game type changes


Fixed framerate issue when player touched assault ammo pickups

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