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Okay, well this is wrong forum I know, but I wanted a little more traffic :D This is a skin of the B-25J Fairfax Ghost owned by the Kansas City Warbirds from 1985-1993. The reason it's on a C model is becuase the gunpods (which this plane didn't have) would've marred the markings on the sides. The reason it's called "The Fairfax Ghost" was in honor of Fairfax airport in Kansas City where all models of the B-25B and forward were built. If you've lived in or around Kansas City in the last 20 years and you're a WWII aviation nut, this skin should truly be a treat for you.


Download me at Il2-Skins.com!


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Okay, well this is wrong forum I know....

right you are ;)


but lets hope this post will generate some the traffic you long for ... where it belongs.


Nice skins btw

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