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DBS Water Fix

DBS Water Upgrade/Update for SF/Wo* (08+) and SF2


This is a little package contains newly rebuilt sea and sea/land transition tiles for Major Lee's "Bering Straits" terrain, and is designed for use on the enhanced targets upgrade I released Nov, 2008. It can be used on either the original OR the upgrade. If you don't have the upgrade, it's available at the following URL:




What this package is, are all the 'waterish' tiles rebuilt with new alpha channels, thereby allowing for more water action to be visible (even with all that cursed ice!!). A new waternormal bmp is also included, for enhanced wave action.


It has been tested in all 1st Gen Sims (SF/WoV/WoE/ at 10/08 patch levels) and SF2 (merged, 2/10 patch, withOUT SF2:I).. But, as I'm on XP, I can't take advantage of the DX10 shaders....


As always, READ the enclosed readme FIRST for full, detailed instructions for BOTH 1st and NextGen sims game installs. It reccomened you read this document through before installing to either SF/Wo* or SF2 series, to make sure you know what's to be done, and how to do it.


Consider this as my birthday present to all of YOU!!


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein


ps: the screenie above was taken in SF2, with me piloting that CF-104 (easily made flyable), so I know it do work in NextGens!! I'd like feedback from our Vista/Win7 DX10 users, with screenies if possible, so I can see it looks OK there, as well.




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well, it was the B-1B thread below that got me to thinking .... so, after about 2 hours to fix the tgas, another couple to test, and here ya go!


now, if nobody minds, I really need to get back to Korea....





kevin stein

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