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Putting in objects between installations

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Hey folks! Hope this message finds you all well!!:salute:


I've been away from TW games quite some time ago. Now when I'm back what surprises me is the new website look and some recent uploads all are very tempting. It's too early to download them now, just want to wait for some ratings back to see how good they are meanwhile I can re-arrange my hard drive for their new accommodations.


Having said that, I can't help feeding my curiosity on FE's update. It's not too much of a deal to have all the updates and to be quite honest the installations went very well and they all are rather straight forward. I must say it's ingenious as far as the graphics goes. The sky looks way better than the vanilla version. I do love the clouds, they are very stereo, marshmallow comes to my mind when I see them. In the case of WoV for instance, you need some cloud mods to make something like that.


I enjoy the game very much. The less sophisticated cockpits ups the frame rates nicely. Anything between 40 and 60 gives you that sense of speed when you ride in that flying kites.:drinks: The terrain is another beauty. To be honest, even modded Vietnam terrain doesn't come that close to the default landscape in this game. I just feel that WWII aircrafts might decorate the theatre equally well. The only trouble I am getting is that not too many British WWII propellers are found up here or I just lost my way when I was in the big download section containing huge number of files. I have the Spitfire in mind, can someone help pointing me to the correct section where this admirable fighter can be found?


FE's theater feels just about right for an European theater where WWII fighters will add more atmosphere to it, don't you ever think so?:good:

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be advised, that FE, even the original (and with the Expansion Pak) is a LOT more like SF/WoV/WoE/WoI at the 08 patch level. FE2 is like the original on steroids (and basically like the SF2 series)


Meaning: all the availble WW2 aircraft are designed for much earlier patch levels (in particular, the 06 patch for SF/WoV/WoE). What does that exactly mean, you're asking? Well, their FlightModel (meaning the specifics in the data ini) are in need of a complete overhaul, as their handling charastics will be, to put it mildly, "a bit squiffy" at the the later patch levels -you'll encounter stalls without warning, spins, uncontrolled torque steer, General Oddness ™ and this is withOUT any input to the contols! The AI has great difficulty, is some cases, in simply taking off and keeping the plane in level flight (I should know ...)

End result is 350+ aircraft NEED entirely new flight models.


Along with that, you'll encounter some other oddities ... the FE terrain is 'small' compared to the WW2 terrains readily available; the airfields are probably a bit small for fighters, and most definately WAAAAAY to small for any bomber. The airfield 'setup' is also completly different, in how aircraft parking, taxing, takeoff and landings are handled between FE and SF/Wo*.


Does the terrain look better than the other 3? Sure; when you're flying a plane with 100 kts max speed and at 5000 feet, it'll have to. (expecially the new, enhanced versions that have recently been released!)


Not to detract from my brothers here in the WW1 Worlds, but there are PLENTY of WW2 mods availabe; many aircraft, LOTS of terrains, ground objects, ships, vehicles, and just about anything else you could want.

As Derk stated above, ~80% of the WW2 aircraft are produced by the Dev A-Team, and you MUST register with them to be able to download the models. There are MANY skins and other mods availble for them. Another set is Wolf 257s WW2 Planes Pak, and ArmorDave's Japanese Planes Pak. AND there are many mods of those here at CA


I should know .. I run the 3W PropHeads Forum here at CA, and about 90% of ALL WW2 mods have passed through my hands at one time or another. (again, this is NOT to detract from our FE Brethern ™ ). Take a look in there, ask any questions you wish; there's several stickies with info on the 3W WW2 Mod series; what to do, how to do it, what's available, and where to get it.


happy landings!


kevin stein

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Also ships are not supported in FE, or FE2 as far as I know. A minor point perhaps if you are purely interested in A2A, but anti-shipping was a big deal in WWII.

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