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I am looking for layered skin templates for the following Aircraft









I have not yet skinned any of these aircraft and I have no Idea where to find any layered templates for them.....Any help is appreciated guys.

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Guest rscsjsuso5

hi falcon


don't know about f22 but for the su aircrafts pm erwin , i believe the mod packages here don't have it , i also looking for a su30mkk complete template , stressing the word complete. can you post picture of what skin you might or like or pondering about doing . a hint is for example for the su35bm teh fuselage bmp is named bm1 and so the bm1 can also be renamed for other flanker variants just compare names and picture and change in the specific skin folder.

another example su35bm fuselage bmp named bm1 = su30k fuselage bmp named fuselage30, skin bmp is compatible and interchangable if named correctly. if the skin you are creating is for fun a what if or personal use , then it is hard to tell. these are all suggestion.


enjoy your weekend and also since erwin came from teh insky team , their site is down and don't know if he has been checking into CA or not due to chinese internet regulations etc..

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Never mind adding on to the F-22, and Su-35 layered Skin Templates I also need ones for the Su-39, and F-15 MTD I really need those

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