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  1. Got any templates? Would love to skin this bad boy!
  2. Hurricane Irene

    YeahIm dead center of its Sight Picture too! Oh well guess a good time to stock up on MRE's!!!!!!
  3. I would loveto fly this bird and make some TM skins for it
  4. Ak-47

    I am impressed my friend
  5. Ak-47

    Nice setup Falcon!
  6. Ak-47

    Umm it ran me a little over $500 but it included 2 Magazines and a Bayonet and luckily the ammo is cheap enough that it wont make you broke unlike my .308 CETME. I would definately look for a chrome lined Barrel in your rifle I was told by My friend who is an avid Eastern Block weapons collector go with Russian, East German, or Romanian.
  7. Ak-47

    I had alot of research into it alot of the parts on the rifle are new because of it being refubished including a new chrome line barrel....still surprised it came with a damn bayonet
  8. Ak-47

    here she is she has a chrome line barrel and I beleive the gas block and Sights are canted
  9. Fire Arms

    My weapons
  10. Ak-47

    Grazzi my friend still deciding on which one I might just break down and pay a little bit more for quality and durability. Was thinking about getting some polymer mags to get some more compiance parts and upgrade the look a little bit
  11. Ak-47

    Well I have heard bad things about the TAPCO folding stock
  12. Ak-47

    Well as most of you know I own a Spanish CETME battle Rifle but I recently Purchased a Romanian WASR 10/63 AK-47 I want to customize it to a more tactical looking rifle but I need a suggestion for a stock. I really want a folder but I havent been able to locate a good folding stock so I was wondering if you guys would have any suggestions on some. Worse comes to worse I will get a TAPCO T6 stock for the AK....I will be posting pictures of both rifles soon as I figure how to do it from my ANDROID phone
  13. When I first saw the pics I said WTF is that....the I started to notice all the different contours and visual differences.....I kinda want to see it just becauese I love Military aircraft as you allknow......but another part of me says dont release it just yet.....but if China gets their greedy little hands on it (absolutely No offense to our chinese friends on this site) then we should make sure that it doesnt get to china....or we release photos of it
  14. CETME

    Well great news My Cetme is finally done....wellexcept top rail mount but has to come soon.......I put th Tapco T-6 Collapsible stock, black ABS piol grip (Gotta love cheaper than dirt!), and the UTG rail mount which is VERY STURDY! DOesnt even wobble! Would anyone like pics of it
  15. CETME

    Well I can tell its synthetic plus it doesnt hae the heat shields in it so I am probably getting the T6 colapsible stock block hand grip then I want to find a tactical rail handguard

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