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Winston DoRight

Twin British Airships

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Twin British Airships

Twin British airships, the R-80 and R-82 for Over Flanders Fields. These are fantasy aircraft for my Saturday multiplayer sessions and are not intended to be historically accurate for OFF as I believe the R-80 was actually a post war airship. Still, they're a lot of fun and are very stable bombing platforms with the new bombsight. They are standalones of the existing Zeppelin and can reside in your aircraft folder along with the Zeppelin. Just unzip the file and place the two folders in your aircraft folder.


Basically these are re-skinned Zeppelin standalones, with a new bombsight and weapons loadout.


I wish I knew who created the original Zeppelin so I could thank him for a great add-on.


Thanks to Stumpjumper for technical assistance and breaking out the bombsight.


Thanks to Loopy and Red-Dog for extensive playtesting.


I did the skins, loadout and new bombsight reticule. I have several mp missions made up and will share them after my current campaign is finished.


More info in the readme file and bombsite tips.


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