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Scry Crawler- New dogfight Movie?

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That's Anime mixed with CG, not a cartoon. (Cartoon = Loony Tunes or Disney, y'know, non-realistic art style, talking animals and objects, made for children, that whole deal [and yes, I LOVE loony tunes. grin.gif ])


Looks really cool though. Imperial Japan '46. They had some great wonder weapons planned. I'd really love to see a true, modern, simulation done for all the secret planned projects of both the Luftwaffe AND the Japanese Imperial Army/Navy. IL2 '46 is the closest we've come, and that is rife with a heavy thumb on the scale and missing far too much stuff.


'Course, while I'm wishing, I might as well add how awesome it would be to have CFD applied to Crimson Skies and have it done like a true sim, skipping anything that actually CAN'T fly (few if any I'd think), and/or modifying the rest as needed (similar to Oleg's Lerche). A great story combine with a modern sim would be epic. And of course, catching a hook on an airship carrier would be epic too!

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