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    that's odd, I usually order them to "Attack my Target" and they will use all the ordnance they have until it is completely depleted. when they fail to destroy the target they will use the main guns.
  2. SHOOT SF2 profile

    did you fix it with profile editor? in Sf2, some of the commands are updated for example in sf1 the flight one command rejoin is tab 2 4 but because of the latest patch it is now tab 2 5.
  3. WE.177 Nuclear Bomb Pack

    eer how do i properly install this?
  4. After a successive long range deep to enemy territory armed recon, I decided to head back home. I have to pass many enemy airfield,AAA and avoid any enemy engagement. But... ... look what i found... I emptied all my 30 mm cannon to the enemy supply trucks so i can do nothing. The Mig pilot doesn't know that though... We just eyed each other for a long minuets..waiting who's going to try to bite first Yet since his wings are already badly damaged, and in danger of ripping apart by an intense dogfight maneuver, he carefully moved away down as a sign of truce. Looks like we both just want to get back home safe.
  5. So yeah I downloaded that Enhanced Tileset 1.1 for Germany terrain. Problem is I do not see any differences. What i did is I extracted the GermanyCE into C:/User/MySavedGames/Thirdwire/StrikeFighter2:Europe The Readme of the downloaded file said I should put it in the Terrain Folder. But i do not see any Terrain folder so I just created my own "Terrain" folder and then cut the GermanyCE and put it inside the Terrain folder. I am not sure if I did this right, because when I play the game i do not see any differences just like what the screenshot portrayed of what the enhanced tileset will look like.
  6. Terrains with "s" .. right... such a stupid noob mistake. So sorry.
  7. hey guys, I am also having huge problem with the Il28 Beagles. They are easy kill but the problem is if they are in tight formation and I approach it becomes a certain death. I begin to wonder if the tail gunners have auto electronic aiming or something -.-. The thing is in the campaign, 2 packs of Beagle consisting of 5 bombers each pack is in a low level fast approach to an airfield. I can't rely on my squadron because most of the time they just attack the mig17/mig19 escort and completely ignore the bombers. I try my best to shoot the bombers as fast as I could and I would get 2 to 3 kills. But escaping them bullets is damn hard. The usual result is one of my wings being shot off which eventually make me lose control of my Sabre. I tried the on head approach but as soon as I past by them the tail gunners will shower me with bullets and leave me with a flaming jet engine. There were some lucky times when I think the AI bomber lost a nerve ( more like AI behavior to avoid collision =P) and breaks of the formation. The flying days is over for that strayed Beagle as I pounce back without his comrades supporting him =). LoL i think making it Campaign difficulty to Hard and Enemy AI skills to Hard really makes it...difficult. I guess ill let the airfield be bombed and just pick them one by one after their bombing run as a payback. The ai bomber formation tends to break up as soon as they bombed the target.
  8. can this be posted in youtube? i cant watch it because of QuickTime having some problems with my PC, and it needs that app just to play this video, which i can't.
  9. This is sad

    Philippines wasn't recognized as an independent country until after WW2, before then it was part of the U.S colony. But when Philippines was finally recognized independent by the US after the war, it was argued that all the promises U.S made to the Filipino soldiers are revoked, they say it is the newly formed republican government's responsibility now. Yeah it is sad our vets did not received any veteran pension just like other foreigners recruited into the service of the U.S . But i guess at least we got our own sovereignty
  10. No fly Zone over Libya...

    Im just saying .... since when do tanks fly?
  11. No fly Zone over Libya...

    Well,based on the recent news in wikipedia, Canada,US,UK, and France had launched sorties againts Libyan Tanks and ground troops. Tomahawk missiles are fired and Libyan airforces are attacked. The West can call it whatever they want but thats pretty much an act of war. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_military_intervention_in_Libya
  12. Shot down?

    Did the pilot just eject like the others who defected? Or maybe the pilot ejected because he was intercepted by a UN(NATO,U.S,French,UK) since there is a No-Fly Zone thing going on??
  13. No fly Zone over Libya...

    he will stop artillery and Airstrikes but you can be sure that his paramilitary is still active on the streets doing house to house search.
  14. 2 libyan pilots defected

  15. Surprisingly good gaming...

    Operation Flashpoint 1. Good Combat Simulator, might work in your laptop
  16. F-8H Philippine Air Force

    but please can you include installation guide?
  17. F-8H Philippine Air Force

    Sweeeeeet. Filipino jets. But still...so sad our country can only afford veitnam era jets...
  18. Top Ten Low Flyby's

    here look at this, the second f16 flying by suprised me..
  19. Scry Crawler- New dogfight Movie?

    So I was browsing the Web for movie to watch, and as a combat airplane enthusiast I wanted something Action Battle. Then I came upon this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05zFX3jn6h8&feature=related As I See it it looks like a cartoon with mixed 3D. It looks interesting enough...
  20. Weapon pack Part 4

    does this work on WOI>?
  21. Is there a weapon addon out there for WOI where it put a TV screen in your cockpit and watch your target or track the bombs eye view. I mean if your armed with Mavericks and switch to it a TV screen will appear and ill track it until you switch target or the target is destroyed. I just it the same for Bombs.
  22. i saw one for B-52 but im wondering if there is one out there for TU-16, and if possible can i just put the b-52 bombsight to the tu-16?
  23. OT Worst 'Simulator' ever?

    Ahahahhahaha, you know i tried this in the World Skills Event, it was so dam boring but require precision skill to do it right. Get it if your gonna bea construction worker, otherwise you would be bored to death.
  24. For the Aircraft visibility, you may try reading this. I think its simple and easy to edit. just backspace and ad 0, or i think he said 00 and you get extra 3-4km visibility http://bbs.thirdwire.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7030
  25. I just pick anything that has cool name. For example in WOI i pick the Northern Knight Flight Squadron.It is epic i guess. But usually in campaign i pick a squad that have better starting planes, all planes have its pros and cons but since im a dogfighter i choose a squad that their major missions are escort,intercept and fighter sweep, therefore they are equipped with F-16I

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