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  1. Happy Birthday JediMaster

    Happy Birthday! Have a good one... from a certain point of view...
  2. Happy Birthday Slartibartfast

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Back to the world

    Congratulations and welcome back!
  4. Happy Birthday Stary

    Happy Birthday Stary!
  5. And now, it's........

    Happy B-Day!
  6. 80 years ago this week: Alive !

    Remarcable man! You must be very proud Capitain!
  7. ..._

  8. Lose To Win!

    Ridiculous! Back in the 60s it was common to have 6-0, 8-0 and even 12-0 results in the top soccer leagues all around Europe and no-one died as a result. Bruised egos? Definitely. But have we not discovered in the course of our lives that mistakes and personal defeats have taught us more than continuous success? This attempt to control the outcome of soccer matches is an affront to the spirit of sports competitions ("May the best man/woman/team win" anyone?) and seems to send a twisted message that simultaneously tells the losing kids that someone will always have their backs while telling the winning ones that they should refrain from doing their best. Well, those kids should learn only one simple lesson: "There's always someone better than you". This suits them all as it teaches them that no-one wins forever, so instead of getting cocky they should learn humility (a sore loser is bad enough, a sore winner is insufferable) and that losing isn't the end of the world but rather an opportunity to analize what went wrong and to improve oneself. I do apologize if I don't make much sense but I seem to have had too much to drink after lunch! Have a great day, everyone!
  9. Top Gun 2

    Yes please!!!
  10. Top Gun 2

    And unbeknownst to Maverick, she's also his daughter! That would explain her attitude...
  11. Caption Competition :)

    "After studying your financial history, I'm afraid we have to deny you another loan."
  12. Happy Birthday Column5 and Crab_02

    Happy B-Day you guys!
  13. Happy birthday serverandenforcer

    Happy Birthday!
  14. Hi Eagle99, you can find the F-117 in the NATO Fighters 4 pack. As a matter of fact, I recommend you download and install the other three, it's a really good collection of aircraft, ground and environment mods. You can find it here: http://www.column5.us/index.shtml Just click on the "Campaigns" button on top and you'll go to the NATO Fighters download page. Have fun!
  15. The next douchebag candidates state their case

    Life ain't fair, Macelena. This "holier than you" attitude is (one of) the problem(s) with religions. I say when someone or something takes itself way too seriously and you feel forced to take it seriously as well, then the time has come to make fun of it big time! Don't make me post the Danish Mohammad cartoons here!

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