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No weapons in Store Available list

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Hi all !


I´m have Strike Fighters Project 1 installed. One original and one for Korea War.


But I have no weapons in the "Store Available list"


I have install Weapon pack 1, 2, 3 and weaponpack 03jul06.


In the original SF1 install, I have only the original aircraft.


In the Korea War, is only the latest weaponpack I have "03jul06".


What do I have to do, activate the weapons?


For now, my aircrafts is emty.


Have the latest patch update installed "oct2008b"


Best Regard



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Right then,


You will need run the weapons editor (make sure that you have the latest one installed for your game)


Click on the open button, find the weaponsdata ini, click on that and open. When that has loaded save and then close the editor.


That should be it.


Also if your are not sure about adding weapons I would recommend that you only install the 03jul06 pack to start of with.


Hope this helps.

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