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Guest rscsjsuso5

poem time

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Guest rscsjsuso5

in reference to this http://forum.combatace.com/topic/55156-quoted-from-another-website/

i made a poem to counter the negative energy and bring back the positive energy


gi gong and feng shui to all


poem to the community with the recent downs in news to bring you up into the positive side


stand tall and stand proud

we will keep modding to let our jet engine roar loud

i help you and you help me

combat ace and insky is the best place to be

i see wonderful developments in modding all the way

can't wait for many new aircrafts that will be released in the month of may

today i see modding corruption in the news

that news will not blow our fuse

find your favorites in the download section

we will continue to ignore the negative communication

continue on with your wonderful modding

now people go use your mouse and press on the fly button and go flying


thank combat ace and insky

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Heres a funny one i just made up, re: my recent loss of data.....


There once was a man named gilly, (thats me)

who didn't back up that was silly,

He lost everything,

And hell it did bring,

He would rather had cut off his own willy!!!




I recently lost all my work,

And it made me go totally beserk,

If i had only backed up

I wouldn't be f#*@ed up

And would stop calling myself a jerk!!!


Hee hee

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So silly is Gilly

... who'd chop his own willie

for things that fly and go boom.


We're saddened by the loss

... and certain anger from "the boss"

when she learned her stuff was there too.


So now it's time to repair

... from a drive overheated now bare

that we felt we should do what we could.


Someday Gilly Jr. might say

... I celebrate with you this day

because my dad learned his lesson in case.


Thank you CombatACE.

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That's awesome!!!!!!

I like that. Good to know we have poets and planes all in one little forum.


CHeers CA, Nice one Erik

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