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Track Ir 5 in the 2D Cockpit Falcon Allied Force

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I just got the track ir 5 and its great in the 3d cockpit however it kinda sucks in the 2d cockpit , whenever I start a mission itwroks ok in the first 2 minutes after that it pretty much does whatever it wants, Is ther a profile for the 2d cockpit is there some way to better this ? Does anybody hace any recomendation in this matter?


Windows Vista




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With Track IR 3 and Track IR 4 - this is what I do


In game, go to setup->controllers and untick TRACKIR Moves 2D cockpit view - or something like that.


Thats right - I switch it off - but feel free to experiment with it on - I tried....

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Ditto here, and I've got TIR4.

While it works beautifully in the 3d cockpit, you can't do too much with that in F4. In the 2d cockpit, it blows.


I have the views mapped to the hat on my G940 and that works fine for me along with having padlock to a button, in other words the same setup I've had for playing F4 on my HOTAS since Dec 1998. :grin:


Every other flight sim I have has a good 3D cockpit and TIR works great: CFS3, Il-2, LOMAC, DCS, all of TK's sims. I've been meaning to try it in EECH, but I so rarely play that one anymore even with all the new mods.

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