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New to FE2

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Hi all i am new to fe2 i have seen great mods on here but i not sure how to install them on FE2 i have applied the march update also,can you,s tell me the must have mods i should have for the game?also can the game be played online?sorry for all the questions i usually play il2 1946 and i always wanted to give ww1 planes a try,thanks all

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No online play!

Go to download section and get JanTuma's new terrains to start with. You get lots of trees and ground objects with changing seasons.

They really make the game more realistic.

They have a good Readme file for install.

All mods go in "Mods"folders.

"Mods" folder/folders is up in My Documents/Thirdwire for XP.

Users for Vista and Win7.

C:/Program Files/ThirdWire/FirstEagles2 are the "Core Files". You shouldn't need to put anything there.

Look all over this site for Knowledge bases(there are several)and Read,Read,Read. It will help in answering many questions. You can also post in this section with specific questions.

Welcome Aboard!! You will love this sim for WW1 action.

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