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  1. legacy drivers

    Are there legacy nvidia/geforce driver packages that would put you before screentearing/7217 error that would work for geforce 6200 card?
  2. I figure that once he gets healthier,Homeland Security will step in and say he's a terrorist and he belongs to us. Then it will probably be off to Gitmo. I don't figure they will make him disappear,he's had to much 'Press". They will keep him out of the media for quite a while,though.
  3. Has anyone compiled a SF2 notes or updated SF Notes for SF2? It seems to me that a lot was added to the game engine(.exe) for SF2.
  4. Starting a new gig soon

    Congrats Councilman Typhoid!! Now you get to put up with budget cuts,soccer moms complaining about the parks,Police and Firefighters not making enough money,etc,etc,etc. One perk in my town is,whenever a new alderman is elected his street mysteriously gets repaved within a year. I hope yours needs new blacktop. :rofl:
  5. Good Communication is Key

    I met Capt. Steve Ritchie at the O'club in Guam in 1972. He had just shot down his 5th Mig a couple days before and he was on his way home(Aces were sent home immediately after getting their 5th kill so that they would not be shot down on another mission.) There was a B-52 bird colonel in the club that was being a real putz. He was coming down the bar bad mouthing anybody who was not a B-52 person. He got to Ritchie and started in on him. Ritchie didn't even blink when he started telling off the full bird. The bird demanded Ritchie's name,rank and service number. Ritchie immediately gave it to him. The bird finally realized who he was talking to,closed his little notebook,turned and left the club. The club broke out with all kinds of cheers and applause. Ritchie had a very distinguished Air Force career and he was one hell of a fighter pilot.
  6. I'm getting them to work,with a little changing. THANKS A BUNCH!!!
  7. Could anyone give me a 'by the numbers' step by step way to get nuke effects into the game. If it's in the KB,I missed it. THANKS!
  8. My God!

    The Zuni hit the fuel tank of the A-4 next to McCains A-4. McCain sat in the cockpit of his airplane trying to decide whether to get out and run or eject. After the first bomb exploded McCain unstrapped,got out,ran down the refueling probe jumped to the deck and ran like HE!!. If you google Forrestal fire and watch the movie you will see him. The A-4's were carrying the old style 1000 lb bombs,which "cook-off" with a lot less heat than the newer ones. If they had been carrying the newer bombs,the damage might not have been so bad. Instead of going with his squadron on the Forrestal back to Peal Harbor,McCain transferred to the A-4 squadron on the Oriskany. He was shot down and became a POW a month or so later.
  9. Just because he's been active for 5 months,doesn't mean he's here everyday. Be kind to the newby's. You were one once. What usafphantom2 said!!! Heavy print and caps means you're hollaring. Welcome Aboard,TimT1!
  10. The Corps will officially establish VMFA-121 Tues. 20 Oct 2012 at Yuma,Az. The outfits new aircraft will be the F-35B. 1 will be delivered on that day. Training will start with just a few pilots. Within a year,the squadron should be fully manned,with all aircraft delivered. The Corps is tired of the delays and is pushing the delivery schedule. OOOHHHRRRAAAHHH!!!
  11. Is it possible to get an air burst from any aircraft carried weapon or gun? I have been trying a lot of different guns and weapons in the air,but they only go off when they get a direct hit on the enemy.
  12. E=Mc2

    Just like all the other carriers,She served with guts and pride,because of the people who were aboard her. It's time to let her rest. I can almost guarantee that there will be another to carry on in her name. "Fair winds and Following seas". She was a great ship.
  13. 2 half-wings

    Apparently F-4 Drivers weren't the only ones to fly that way. Hey Typhoid!! Of Course,it just has to be a Marine.
  14. Identify this Aircraft

    Focke-Wulf FW 187 Falke (Falcon) Here's a great WW2 aircraft site! http://www.militaryfactory.com/
  15. F 35 vs CF 105.... !

    It would be a GREAT aircraft! But,like FC says, it would be tremendously cost prohibitive. You would have to retool for the entire aircraft. With new composites,hydraulics,flight controls,computers,etc. it would take 100's of millions maybe billions to just start the project. I'm not a big fan of the F-35,but "Money Talks" when it comes to politicians.

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