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Joystick trouble

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Hi finally bought LOMAC 1.01 and took it for a spin.

Still don't have FC2 at the moment.


My problem is that the joystick buttons (Saitek Cyborg Evo) assigned do not respond at all. Axis functions work fine though. How do fix this?

I'll be getting FC2 soon though does it fix this issue?

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Hey Jomni,


This isn't any help, but...

I'm glad you started this thread. I installed LOMAC, also, thinking to grab FC2. But I can't seem to set up my CH FighterStick/ Pro Throttle. I know it's something I'm not doing right, but I don't know what it is.dntknw.gif

Is there a tutorial somewhere or does anyone have a CH map they can share?



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Well its working now.

I installed 1.02 patch.

Deleted all the key bindings in the in-game control configuration screen (for joystick only).

Assigned keyboard keys to certain buttons using the Saitek profile software.


As for your throttle, in the in-game config screen, select your joystick, look at the axis assignments...

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