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doesnt affect the ballistics

its for units which have an optical system and positions the point of view or where the optics are

I think almost all use the default value of 0.0,0.0,2.3 or somehting like that which places

the point of view at model center at 2.3 meters height


long ago I modded a system on wich I placed the optics very high, 100 meters or so to enable it t olook

very far

didnt work out all that good in the end, cause the game engine kinda reduces max optical targeting to 10 km (iirc)

that has been 4 years ago but I think it hasnt changed at all.

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The game engine will not account for gravity fall in surface to surface ballistics.


You best bet is to make a missile with a low turn rate and wide sensor FOV. Make your system so it can't start from zero elevation. You then basically have a 'guided' shell that will 'arc' over.



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