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I need a Manual

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For some reason when i installed Falcon, i didn't get the .pdf manual with it. I tried reinstalling and looking all over the web for it. Can some one send me a link to download it or add the .pdf as a downloadable file here so i can get a copy.



-Happy Hunting

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I presume that you are in fact referring to the Allied Force version of the game and not the original Falcon 4.0 or any flavor thereof. I do not think that the original had a .pdf file included although I may be wrong it has been many years since I've looked at it.


If for some odd reason the installer did not create a shortcut to the manual you can check the installation folder just to be certain....

C:\Program Files\Lead Pursuit\Battlefield Operations\docs\F4AFManual.pdf


Because the Atari guys are not too keen on anyone using their copyrighted material I will not point out any specific locations that have the .pdf. I will say that the I just googled 'falcon 4 allied force manual' and found it on the first try ;)


Also there is some follow-up information and an assortement of other goodies (including manuals but not in English) at the link below:




Best of Luck

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Yes, I am revering to the Allied Force PDF manual. I did check out the link before posting this topic and i need the English manual. Weird that they don't have that one available for download. I have the original spiral bound manual from Falcon 4.0. I guess most of it is the same, but i would like the manual for Allied Force as it will be more accurate to the game. And it is easier to navigate the PDF.


I checked the docs folder and after reading each title, i found it. For some reason the installer didn't put the shortcut one the desktop as it usually does.

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