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  1. Flying without joystick?

    I have tried playing falcon BMS 4.33 with keyboard and mouse only because I didn't have my flight set up, but wanted to get the sim running. It is possible and I managed to fly a campaign mission from the ramp and successfully bomb a target and return to base. Yes it's possible but annoying and you have no precision of flight controls. It's all or nothing. You can easily get a simple joystick that's not a HOTAS and fly just fine and still be effective in combat. You just need to learn keystrokes or where the buttons are in the pit.
  2. Adv. mode Auto Pilot

    Sounds like a good explanation to me. i guess ill have to do so playing around with it and the terrain following mode and see if that is what it does. Thanks.
  3. Adv. mode Auto Pilot

    Ok, i got a SS uploaded. http://combatace.com/gallery/image/21019-adv-mode/ hope it helps.
  4. Allied Force

  5. Adv. mode Auto Pilot

    I'm trying to get a Screen shot uploaded but for what ever reason its not letting me. I'm using the stock cockpit that comes with AF.
  6. Adv. mode Auto Pilot

    Thats the autopilot settings in the game settings and i understand how those work. im using 100% realistic settings. while in flight there is a clickable button that activates AVD mode on the AP that makes the plane take a steep dive. Im tyring to upload a screen shot of it but Cambat ace wont let me at this time. the button is just above the AP switches.
  7. Adv. mode Auto Pilot

    Does anyone know what the advanced mode auto pilot does? there are several mode i know of like Alt. hold and Att. hold. plus HDG or STR hold, but there is a green indicator you can click which puts AP into ADV mode and the plane takes to a 15 deg. nose down Attitude. it doesnt seam to be to advanced, but im not sure what its doing.
  8. Airbase overload

    That was my guess as to what was going on. just wondering if there was a fix or someway i can change the number of missions being flown. Ill try to get more screen shots just the show the craziness of this.
  9. Cockpit Sounds

    The sounds are awesome. I love flying with them as they make the internal sound of the cockpit way more believable, however at the same time it makes ATC almost impossible to hear
  10. Airbase overload

    As far as I know were pushing them. The area we occupy is much larger than it is at the start of the campaign and Im only in day 2. This issue is only at the one base and im just flying out of a different one for the time being, but its still messing with things a bit.
  11. Airbase overload

    I'm flying in the Korea 2010 theater and on the 3rd Campaign. After flying only a few missions i noticed that my based was getting crowded and landing was getting difficult due to frame rate. Also just trying to get your spacing to land at the right time with other flight landing and departing non stop was hard. I changed airbases and managed to count the planes on the ground on my last mission. There were a total of 60 planes on the ground waiting to take off and several more on final to land. I got a screen shot showing a Line of planes crossing the runway and even going off the air port property. There are a total of 49 planes in this one line alone. Anyone know why the game is doing this. It make missions difficult because any flight out of that base is majorly delayed.
  12. F4AF online game play

    Hey, In order to get Falcon to work online or multiplayer you have to forward some ports to your computer. I forget which ones they are but im sure the next poster will tell you. Its just been a long time scene i've had to do that There are severs out there running missions and flights. If you go to http://www.veterans-gaming.com/vg-plugins/forum/forum_viewforum.php?45 you should find some active online groups with frequent flights.
  13. Multiplayer, anyone?

    I'm up for it. I have a Hamatchi server if you want to join and we can fly there if we ever get time to.
  14. No more Missions

    I've tried that. changed mission priority so we target more ground units or facilities. Had no luck there. also have been making my own random missions hitting airbases and army bases. been do this fro to campaign days so i passed the two mission mark. the campaign is getting close to ending because its been going on more 9 days. mostly its waiting for ground units to move. north has no planes left and we have a ton of them. i guess its just waiting then. will keep with updates

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