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Do the Engine Prop RPM settings in the FM do more then just Spin the prop on the model and effect the cockpit RPM gage. asfar as flight goes to the game engine?








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as far as I know; and I'm probabably partly wrong in this, it's for the external visual of the spinning prop.


Of course, it more than likely DOES have something to do with the EngineEfficencyTables, although someone like GregoryP or our other FM Gurus ™ would have to comment


edit: I'm sure it is....I remeember looking of the Mustang, and max RPM pretty much matched the pilot's manual for max allowed rpm -although jsut how it links is beyond me



kevin stein

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Thanks. What I found is I could hide the prop on armordaves Ki-43 by changing the rpm's. I just need facts before I post the results ,get it wrong and step on my. Thanks agin.Results so far

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