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Walter Böning Jasta 76b

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Since my foggy recollection of work buried away was jogged by Lt Wolff, I went rummaging and found my skin for the Alb DVa Walter Böning with Jasta 76b on Oct 1917. It should be up later today.

post-6006-026901500 1276182586.jpg

post-6006-023319300 1276182593.jpg

post-6006-006264900 1276182615.jpg

post-6006-085689500 1276182621.jpg

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Extremely nice......but don't waist your time with skinning :grin:


What's the status on the Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter 1B2 bomber version ????


...sorry couldn't resist :bye:





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NP - Actually I was working on the 9700 Strutter yesterday.


There is little time lost in getting this up. It was very fussy and took about six months back in 2008. It went into the archive in January 2009, I DK why.


After I post this bmp set for Boning, I'm going back to the 9700 Strutter mesh mash. That was a diversion from the Staaken cockpit revisions, and I forget what I was doing when I went back to that.


Anyhow, it's nice to know someone is following my pokey pixel pushing.



post-6006-081286300 1276186119.jpg

post-6006-011270800 1276186143.jpg

post-6006-028025800 1276186173.jpg

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