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Avenger Mk.IV (Suez Crisis)

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Avenger Mk.IV (Suez Crisis)

This is skin of Royal Navy Avenger Mk.4 "Beryl the Peril" XB374/981B which stationed aboard the HMS Bulwark and has been used in Suez Crisis campaign. It's for Wrench's TBM-3E mod of Dev A-Team TBF/TBM Avenger (http://wrench1smog.com/wrench19.html).


Based on Korean War skin by Wrench.

Decals, ini works and repaints by Kulbit.


TBM-3_DATA.ini modified by me is included and required (to disable rear-bottom gun)



Just drop Suez folder and data.ini file into main TBM-3E folder.


Tested on WOI.

Freeware licence.




Michal Minta



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Great timing, this. I was working on the Avenger for my own SF2I installation just this morning. I did the basic SF2 conversion work (not difficult), then tweaked the fm to be a bit more relaxed (and flyable) on Hard settings. (Edit: also did custom Hangar/Loading screens for this, too.) I had just started fiddling with a basic French Navy texture set when I had to leave for work.


You just saved me a good bit of time and effort.




Eric Howes

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be carefuel with it in SF2 ... it has the 'bounce up and down, spin around and explode syndrome', to say nothing of needed the expected adjustments to the rolling radi (I know this, since the VS-23 skinned one is alreayd in the KAW mod, at least for personal use). Other small tweeks are needed, along with a revamped FM


So, I guess I don't need to finish off this one, from Dec 08...



kevin stein

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