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Gilze Rijen 2010

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Although "next door" to where I live,


I can't see a frickin' :censored: thing of it. Might be because I am at work and 15km away....

Although I sometimes catch a glimpse of a few specks chasing e.o.

far far far away. :flyer:

Maybe someone (Derk, feel addressed???) will post a few pics later???




Muesli :frantic:

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You must have had a horrible day Iwan, feel sorry for you. Went there today with my brother (retired teacher aviation technical college) and a friend of his (retired techn. officer KLu) and had a great day, though low cloudbase meant low shows. C17 tremendous, same for the Typhoon, Gripen's and Vipers and the Apache as well as the airpower demo, 8 F16's, lots of Apaches, Cougars and Chinooks and GREAT pyrotechnics !!! Sorry, no pics ( I'm not that much of a photographer, look at Milspotter for the real good stuff) and as usual the old adagium: you'll ALWAYS see something you've never seen before or will never see again. We had a very nice chat with the commanding officer of 323Sq (has 3000h+ on the F16) and a lot of technical guys, some of them ex students of my brother. For the record: open days over here never have entrance fee's, with extensive of exhibitions, stands, good catering etc. etc. , attendance usually up to 250000 people over two days and a very good international program including Red Arrows, Patrouille de France and so on.

Another aviation day to remember...... :good:


Hou doe,



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