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Okay guys this is not funny... :lol: I finally persuade my boss to send me somewhere pleasant for the summer... Oh okay Vienna in Austria tis a wonderous place and you wonderful modders release an addon for the Addon that is WOI... Okay I thinks this is all good as I managed to get a weekend at home to test it... Then thinking it was all settled and I would be staying at home for awhile nope I am needed back in Vienna again, tis such a hard life, but its easier than Military Dets. Anyway nothing much happened then my boss asks if I can stay in Vienna until October much arm twisting going on NOT!!! So what happens those wonderful guys over at TMF release the Daddy Airplane that is the gorgeous F-14 Tomcat... Big thanks by the way... Got me to wondering what else I would be missing until October as this weekend was my last weekend with my gaming rig in front of me... As the Laptop I have though it is a Decent Dell E Series just lacks the punch to run SF2 the way I like it...


So please anything great in the line ups next??


Well apart from the Lockheed wonder jet...

and the Korean Air War Mod that I can't wait for ???

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I guess I can say that Korea is proceeding apace; Stary is going to re-do ALL 4 seasons tile sets (they'll look more theatre appropriate, and just plane better. Several months away still. We'll shoot for an Octember release, just for you Slarti! :grin:


After I get finished with that, it's finally back to the Indo-Pak mod. It's been so long, i've completly forgotten where I left off.... to say nothing of Panama/Central America. Don't know if I'll ever get back to Morocco/Western North Africa for Torch (includes parts of Protugal, Spain -have to Gib!-, etc)....


EDIT: oppsy, totally forgot about the Iran/Iraq rebuild, too. Maybe next year...


kevin stein

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Well thats great for me because I should hopefully have my new Gaming rig by then :grin: :grin: :grin: Should be able to cope as my current one had a small problem with the Tom as she wouldn't run with maxxed out Graphics... :dntknw:

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