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How to Convert *.TGA damage textures to *.DDS

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Quite easily actually, I must slap my senile head :grandpa::doh: for not posting this eons ago as I've been using it since last year:


Anyway first you download this little tool:



Then you just load your damage texture in TGA format into it and save as DDS DXT3 and that's it.


Just make sure in the Mipmap form on the left right everything is unchecked, "Scaling Filter" is set to "Box" and "Processing" is set to "None".


It may already be like that by default but I don't remember as I have it installed for a long time.


I didn't post a screenshot as those are pretty much the only things you have to make sure off.


It's a very simple program but helps immensely if you are really up to fully converting your stuff to the newest SF2 bells and whistles, it also reduces the amount of space on your HDD needed for the damage textures and keeps everything nice and tidy.


P.S. Don't forget to edit the main ini to use DDS instead of TGA or you will not see the damage in game!


P.S.2. I can't post in KB so I posted it here, this could be good as I guess more people will see it here lol

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Paint.net seamlessly performs the conversion from .tga to .dds, as simply as choosing to save a .tga to a .dds file, from it's dropdown menu.



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