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Vampire cockpit -single-engine Egyptian-modified (combat veteran)

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Vampire cockpit -single-engine Egyptian-modified (combat veteran)

This is a single-engine Egyptian-Modified Vampire jet cockpit for SFP2 with single engine gages based on the Thirdwire Meteor cockpit. You need SFP2 Israel and expansion pack.


It is a combat veteran and fought air to air combat against Israeli Meteors, Dassault Ouragans, Mystere IVAs and later against Pakistani F-86 Sabres according to sources.



It has gages moved, and BMP gages and bitmaps added from multiple Vampire color cockpit photos and the DH Vampire cockpit manual.






First Middle East jet combats occurred in 1955.


September 1, 1955, - 2 Egyptian FB.52 vampires were shot down by an Israeli Gloster Meteor.


Another Egyptian FB.52 Vampire was shot down by a Dassault Ouragan April 12, 1956.- Shlomo Aloni, Arab-Israeli Air Wars 1947-82, p23.



Israeli victories -acig


29Aug55 117 sqn Meteor F.8 M.Lavon 20mm Vampire FB.52 EAF


1Sep55 117 sqn Meteor F.8 A. Yoeli 20mm Vampire FB.52 EAF


1Sep55 117 sqn Meteor F.8 A. Yoeli 20mm Vampire FB.52 EAF


12Apr56 113 sqn Ouragan D. Kishon 20mm Vampire FB.52 2 sqn EAF




31Oct56 101 sqn Mystere IVA S.Egoziz 30mm Vampire FB.52 31 sqn EAF


31Oct56 101 sqn Mystere IVA S.Egoziz 30mm Vampire FB.52 31 sqn EAF


31Oct56 101 sqn Mystere IVA A. Shavit 30mm Vampire FB.52 31 sqn EAF


31Oct56 101 sqn Mystere IVA A. Shavit 30mm Vampire FB.52 31 sqn EAF




By 11:00hrs also four Vampires strafed the Israeli column near al-Thamed, causing even more damage. They were followed by more Vampires and also Meteors of the 5 Sqn EAF, all of which were escorted by the MiG-15 and hit the Israelis very hard.


The Israelis claimed destruction of four Vampires






On September 1, 1965, during the Indo-Pakistani War, IAF Vampires saw action for the first time with India. No. 45 Squadron responded to a request for strikes against a counter-attack by the Pakistani Army (Operation Grand Slam) and four Vampire Mk 52 fighter-bombers were successful in slowing the Pakistani advance.


However, the Vampires encountered two Pakistan Air Force (PAF) F-86 Sabres, armed with air to air missiles; in the ensuing dogfight, the outdated Vampires were outclassed. One was shot down by ground fire and another three were shot down by Sabres.[17] The Vampires were withdrawn from front line service after these losses.





The Vampire had a lower wing loading than the Meteor and therefore should be able to out turn the Meteor in a turning fight all other things being equal. The Meteor being much faster, faster climbing and more powerful will dominate a vertical fight.


1. Keep fast against enemy prop fighters...you are faster than them, but you lose energy fast and can't regain it easily.


2. Try to out turn enemy jets...you usually have a lower wingloading. The enemy Meteor is much more powerful than you, much faster than you, has a much higher climb rate then you and he can dominate a vertical fight.


The Vampire reportedly had beautiful handling qualities but was extremely underpowered.





REQUIREMENTS: SFP2 Israel2 and expansion pack.



1. Download folder

2. Backup everything in Vampire52 folder (This has new Egyptian loading and hanger screens, and newini. and cockpit.ini as well as a new cockpit).

3. Download this into your aircraft folder usually located at C:\Mydocuments and settings\yourname\My Documents\Thirdwire\StrikeFighters2 Israel\Objects\Aircraft

4. Say yes when asked to overwrite.

5. Done.



Credits: TK and Thirdwire for the sim and their beautiful Meteor cockpit.


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